Kung Fu Hoagies

One of Philly's only fully vegetarian food carts, KFH offers traditional tofu bahn mi sandwiches and veggie pho + ramen soups as regulars on the menu, but you can often get your hands on a sticky rice special. And just about everything is under $5. Follow @kungfuhoagies for updates on the cart location.

Address: 104 S. 38th St., Philadelphia, PA 19104
Neighborhood: West Philadelphia
Phone: (267) 344-6259
Website: www.facebook.com/kungfuhoagie
Veg Level: (Vegetarian) Vegetarian - Very Vegan Friendly


Cuisine(s): Asian Fusion Chinese Fast Food Vietnamese
Features: Cheap Fake Meat Food Cart Sandwiches

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entered by mbeisser on Apr. 07, 2016

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These guys need to open a restaurant Stat! I have not had one bad thing but my absolute favorite is probably the ramen and their meatball hoagie. They are so good that I walked from 2nd street to Clark Park (42nd St) just to eat their food. "Like" their page on Facebook to find out where they are at. Hope these guys make it big some day! The deserve it.

Came all the way from LA for these Hoagie!

entered by phillyvisitor on Mar. 31, 2015

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We found them at the corner of Passyunk and Dickinson. Not actually a restaurant but a food truck or stand. Took us awhile because we are from Los Angeles and do not know our way around Philadelphia. But so worth the trip! Delicious food! Great people! Had 2 kinds of Hoagies, both were delicious. They made my day! Will definitely look for them when we are back in town!

Totally worth tracking down

entered by ali on Jan. 30, 2013

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I get really excited thinking about how delicious Kung Fu Hoagies is. The two vegetarian owners plan to open a storefront at some point, but for now their location schedule changes weekly (the address above is where they sometimes set up on the UPenn campus). In addition to this location, they also do some days at Clark Park, and in South Philly at Passyunk and Dickinson. Find them!