Local 44

Vegan and vegetarian options are clearly noted on the menu. Vegan lunch/dinner entrees include a seitan reuben, black bean burger, tempeh tacos, and General Tso's tofu. Brunch option is a shiitake tofu sandwich.

Address: 4333 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, PA
Neighborhood: Spruce Hill
Phone: (215) 222-2337
Website: local44beerbar.com
Veg Level: (Non-Vegetarian) Several Vegan Options


Cuisine(s): American Bar Food Burgers Salads
Features: Beer Craft/Microbrew Beer Selection Full Bar Sandwiches Vegan Brunch Options Wine

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entered by ilovebernie on May. 21, 2017

Atmosphere rating:
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Great seitan Reuben. Delicious sauce! Also yummy kid-friendly vegan nuggets. Lots of beer choices!


entered by jeremierose on Sep. 03, 2013

Had the scrambled tofu. This was the BEST brunch I have ever had (besides Mi Lah). Everything was a little spicy but went together really well. Also ordered a side of the shiitake scrapple, which was crispy and smoky.