Hip City Veg - Rittenhouse Square

In addition to being all vegan, HipCityVeg is also eco-friendly with bike delivery, compostable food packaging, and local food sourcing. Their menu offers a diverse range of burgers, sandwiches, salads, desserts, and seasonal specials.

Address: 127 South 18th Street, Philadelphia, PA
Neighborhood: Center City
Phone: (215) 278-7605
Website: hipcityveg.com
Veg Level: (Vegan) 100% Vegan


Cuisine(s): American Burgers Salads
Features: Delivery Available Takeout Available Sandwiches Smoothies/Juice Bar

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The best chick'n sandwich!

entered by audiovideovegan on Nov. 29, 2017

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My first taste of Hip City Veg was actually at their Washington DC location. That was about a year ago and the memory of the amazingness that is the Crispy Hipcity Ranch sandwich has stuck with me since. Of course, when I recently visited Philly for the first time, I knew a trip to one of the original Hip City Veg locations was in order.

Of course, I ordered the Crispy Hipcity Ranch--a battered chick'n sandwich--and it totally lived up to my memory of it. Seriously, this is one delicious sandwich! Paired with sweet potato fries and a shake, it's a heavenly meal. Their seasonal shake when I went was a pumpkin pie shake, and it pretty much tasted like a blended up slice of pie, so I was happy with it!

This particular location of Hip City Veg is a bit on the small side. It has limited seating and gets crowded quickly. However, it's totally worth it for the great food.

Best Sandwich Ever!

entered by daydreamingigraffe on Apr. 04, 2016

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Food rating:

My boyfriend and I have visited HipCityVeg several times, and each visit has left us hungry for more.
This past visit we stopped in for lunch and split a Green Lemonade, which is lemon juice, kale juice, and agave nectar. It was extremely refreshing and delicious and had me jumping into crazy thoughts of saving up for a juicer and attempting making at home someday.
We also split a side of the Sweet Potato Fries with Chipotle Aioli. The seasoning on the wedges was perfect and the dipping sauce was seriously killer. I wanted to dip everything in it.
I had the Crispy Ranch Chik*n Sandwich Buffalo-Style as my main course. It comes wrapped neatly and on a very fresh and delicious tasting multigrain-looking bun of sorts. Topped with fresh greens, tomato, red onion, and the most amazing ranch sauce, it was seriously out of this world. I was so full from all of the food but couldn't not eat every last bite because the sandwich was just that delicious. My boyfriend and I both seriously couldn't believe the burger was vegan.
My boyfriend ordered the Arugula Taco Salad which had a really yummy dressing and was chock full of so many delicious and colorful veggies. Of the two dishes, his definitely won Most Spring-Ready. Needless to say, it was equally scrumptious.
All in all, our lunch was pretty awesome and we were quite the satisfied customers. It'll be harder to choose what to order next visit now that we've both started to develop serious favorites!

Great food Great service

entered by emilyshotglassman10991 on Jun. 20, 2014

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The buffalo bella burger, sweet potato fries and any of the milkshakes are all you need in life to feel happy and full! I never left this place hungry or unsatisfied with my experience.


entered by bigrobowski on Apr. 05, 2014

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The place is small and the menu is limited, but everything I tried was very tasty and the vibe was good. Bonus atmosphere point for the cashier immediately sympathizing with mayo-phobia. Definitely try the vanilla raspberry cupcake if they have it.

Can't get enough!

entered by green_is_good on Jan. 20, 2014

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I am not new to HipCityVeg, and I have been so constantly blown away by them, that I had to write a review! I can't get enough!!! The Quinoa Chili is perfect for the cold weather! My other favorites are the HipCityRanch, Fajita Wrap, and the Classic. Cheers to HipCityVeg!

Love HCV

entered by faith215 on Feb. 15, 2013

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The Hip City Ranch Chicken style sandwich is my favorite thing to order here. I don't often have a need to try to mimic meat, but it's nice that this matches what I'm used to in a chicken sandwich so closely. My least favorite would be the steak. Too chunky for my taste the bread was really dry when I tried it, just not a fan. Yet after trying most of the menu, that was the one thing I disliked. Everything else was awesome.

I don't know if I agree on the atmosphere comments. I believe HCV provides a great atmosphere they're just very successful and a small space doesn't help that. The lines always move quickly when I'm there and anytime I've wanted to stay and eat it's worked out (mind you I NEVER stay to eat during lunch hour on the weekdays) I think an additional location is in order due to this "problem" however:)

Awesome vegan food served quick!

entered by mackindi on Feb. 07, 2013

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Granted they could use more space but that would not stop me from frequenting; yes, be prepared to not get a seat, may have to buy and fly. The food is worth it though, best noodle salad I've ever had. Helpful staff. More selection of desserts please!

Small menu, good food

entered by mkmeath on Feb. 03, 2013

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I do really like HipCityVeg. The staff are always incredibly friendly and the food is good. However, the atmosphere isn't great; it's a TINY location, and it's always packed with people. You should often be prepared to take your food to go as there will be no place to sit. Their menu is also a little small, but I haven't yet delved into all it has to offer. What I've had--the burger, the quinoa chili, the sweet potato fries, and noodle salad--have been good, so it definitely deserves a visit.