Has several vegan dishes that are clearly marked on the menu.

Address: 216 South 11th Street, Philadelphia, PA
Neighborhood: Washington Square West
Phone: (215) 873-0404
Veg Level: (Non-Vegetarian) Very Vegan Friendly


Cuisine(s): American Bar Food Burgers Cajun
Features: Beer Craft/Microbrew Beer Selection Vegan Brunch Options Vegan Desserts Wine

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Great vegan food & bar

entered by miss_nacho on Oct. 12, 2016

Atmosphere rating:
Food rating:

I absolutely love Strangelove's. My husband and I go here at least once a month, and it's our go to spot when we have visitors in town. I'm vegan and my husband is pescatarian, but our friends and family are all meat eaters. Strangelove's provides a menu that caters to everyone. Plus, it has lots of great beer!

The other thing I love about Strangelove's is that there's never a wait for a table, but it's also never empty. It's the perfect balance of being a happening place, but not being so crazy that you can't show up without notice.

I especially love their vegan nachos, the brussels sprouts, and the veggie burger. My husband is loyal to their veggie mac & cheese that they have here, and everyone we've brought there has loved the food!

My favorite bar!

entered by trumpetess on Jun. 08, 2014

Atmosphere rating:
Food rating:

I absolutely love this place! It's my retreat on Friday and Saturday nights when everywhere else is too crazy. They have absolutely delicious food, and I've had wonderful experiences with every server and bartender there. Worth mentioning that the drink selection is always excellent.


entered by runintoflowers on May. 08, 2014

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Food rating:

I don't usually order veggie burgers when I go out to eat, but the beet and lentil version they serve here is delicious. The kale salad is also tasty.

Great vegan options

entered by kimab81 on Apr. 23, 2014

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Food rating:

I have had nothing but a positive experience at Strangelove's. Have had a brunch option that was essentially crumbled tofu nachos (delicious, and enough for 2 or 3 meals), and last night I got a tempeh salad sandwich which was marked as vegan. It was heavy on the vegan mayo but tasty. They also have the BEST roasted brussel sprouts!! There are a couple of other vegan/vegetarian options that I haven't tried yet. My boyfriend loves the catfish po' boy (obviously not vegetarian). The best part about this place is that they are never over-crowded, so it seems that you can always get a seat, especially since they have a large upstairs.

Never coming back

entered by jonathan on Sep. 14, 2013

Atmosphere rating:

I went to this place with a friend who is over 30 years old. Our sever asked us for ID and my friend presented his. Our server told him that his ID was expired so he was told that he could not stay. We were absolutely stunned. I asked if he could just order food and she said no. We were then asked to leave.

While we were waiting outside my friend said he thought that they didn't like the way we were dressed so they were trying to get us on a technicality. They do seem to be trying to cultivate a certain image there, so this might be true. We were pissed.

We didn't order anything so I can't comment on the food, but after this experience I am never returning.