Grindcore House

Philadelphia's all-vegan coffee shop. Enjoy vegan sandwiches, sweet treats, coffee, and a distinctly punk/metal vibe.

Address: 1515 South 4th Street, Philadelphia, PA
Neighborhood: Pennsport
Phone: (215) 839-3333
Veg Level: (Vegan) 100% Vegan


Cuisine(s): Cafe Fare
Features: Coffeehouse Great Tea Selection Sandwiches Vegan Desserts WiFi

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Favorite Coffeehouse

entered by elizabethkon on Jun. 13, 2014

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Food rating:

This is my favorite spot. Service, food, coffee - all are great. Punk is not my thing, but the music is really not that loud, you can easily work or read or have a conversation.


entered by steve on Apr. 18, 2013

Atmosphere rating:
Food rating:

This past weekend I finally took some time to hack on VegPhilly at Philly's only all-vegan coffee shop. I only wish I'd done so sooner. Grindcore House is charming. Good coffee, easy to get a table, the wifi is stable and there are tons of vegan snacks.

Some of the same people were hanging around two days in a row, which, coupled with the friendliness of the staff, makes this place feel really comfortable. I like the music, but sometimes it was loud enough to feel like a music venue. Otherwise I'd give 4 stars for atmosphere.

The food is good enough for a coffee shop that doesn't have a kitchen. The Greenwich was light and delicious, perfect for "trying to concentrate and not get grease on my keyboard" eating.

Overall, Grindcore House is an awesome vegan business that's great for hanging around or trying to get some work done.

Cafe of my dreams

entered by apeditto on Mar. 09, 2013

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Food rating:

Grindcore House is probably the best cafe in Philadelphia. They have the largest selection of Vegan Treats (which are delivered on Thursdays), the sandwiches are fresh and unique from the typical vegan cheese steaks, and the staff are among the most pleasant people I've encountered in the coffee shop business. Do yourself a favor and become a regular here.

Hidden gem

entered by mkmeath on Feb. 03, 2013

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Food rating:

I love this place. It's on a pretty unassuming street corner, and it seems tiny from the outside, but there's a room with plenty of seating in the back. It's great to see a vegan place getting so much business. It's definitely a little punk/hardcore for me--the music can get loud--but once I threw on my headphones I didn't even care. I stayed for a while and got some work done, and while there had: the seitan sandwich, a buckeye, an almond butter cookie, a slice of zucchini bread, an early grey tea, and a hot chocolate. I have zero complaints about any of it- it was all delicious! Plus the staff were super friendly. Would recommend this to anyone, and will definitely be going back myself.

A great place to chill

entered by veguy on Nov. 06, 2012

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Food rating:

I go here when I want to get some reading done on the latest Semiotext(e) release. Friendly staff and great vibe. Decent sandwiches. Grindcore House has a good selection of loose-leaf teas from Premium Steap too.