Vegan Tree

Offers vegan cheesesteaks and pasta in addition to a range of pan-asian dishes such as sushi and fried noodles. Their menu also includes a wide selection of desserts and bubble teas.

Address: 742 South Street, Philadephia, PA 19147
Neighborhood: Washington Square West
Phone: (215) 454-2898
Veg Level: (Vegan) 100% Vegan


Cuisine(s): Chinese Pan-Asian Sushi Sweet Treats
Features: Cheap Vegan Cheese Steaks Coffeehouse Delivery Available Family-friendly Atmosphere Gluten Free Options Great Tea Selection Takeout Available Sandwiches Smoothies/Juice Bar Vegan Desserts

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Amazing, wish I was closer

entered by anniefre on Jun. 16, 2016

Atmosphere rating:
Food rating:

I love all of their food that I have tried, but their eggplant and tofu burger is incredible! I also love to get either their bubble tea or smoothies when I want something sweet. To me their atmosphere is very casual and comfortable, although you do usually have to let servers know when you're ready to order or pay.

I got food poisoning!

entered by yeesi on Apr. 15, 2016

Atmosphere rating:
Food rating:

So while the food tasted ok, I got terrible food poisoning! And when the health department inspected it a few days after my complaint Vegan Tree was found to not even have a food serving license and tons of violations! It's a gross and dirty place—AVOID!

"This inspection has revealed that the establishment is in operation without a valid food license. The establishment is not eligible for license approval due to violations of the Health Code."


entered by mbeisser on Apr. 07, 2016

Atmosphere rating:

My husband, parents and I were all very hopeful for this restaurant. But when we stepped in, it looked like chaos, a bit dirty and unorganized. We aren't high maintenance people so we ignored that got menus and sat down at a table. The place was busy but I did note that people weren't cleaning their plates. The menu sounded good but no one ever came to take our order. The final straw was when my Mom went to use the restroom and there was a cockroach on the wall. All things combined, we just left and have not been back. :-( I am willing to give it a second shot if there were other more recent reviews about this place.

Very Good Vegan Food

entered by veganrest on Jul. 07, 2014

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Food rating:

Very good tasting Vegan food!!! Good Prices!!


entered by emilyshotglassman10991 on Jun. 23, 2014

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Food rating:

Great food! However the service is a bit slow.

Lots of great choices, friendly service

entered by on Jun. 16, 2014

Atmosphere rating:
Food rating:

A varied menu that includes both decadent and more health-oriented dishes, but all are delicious and 100% vegan! Extremely nice service adds to the enjoyment of this low-key, centrally located restaurant. Highly recommended.

Bubble Tea!

entered by kim on Mar. 17, 2013

I was so happy to find that Vegan Tree offers bubble tea, the only place I know of in Philly to get a vegan version! They offer two different options, milk tea and smoothie style, and a range of different flavors. So far, I've tried the almond and coconut flavors in smoothie style; both offer just the right amount of sweetness and a good amount of tapioca!