VegPhilly helps answer the inevitable question:

Where are we going to eat?

We founded VegPhilly because we wanted more detailed and accurate information about vegan and vegan-friendly establishments in our city. We want to create the most comprehensive list of vegan restaurants and places that offer vegan options, reviewed and rated.

We need your help to make the site better. After creating an account, you can add new restaurants and write reviews. Please contact us at if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions.

VegPhilly is built with free and open source software. Our vision is to produce a framework for a vegan website that is easily deployable in any city. If you are interested in using our code to start a site in your city, contact us or check out our source code on Github.


Steve Lamb
Software Engineering
Jonathan Farbowitz
Content & QA
Zack Birmingham
Alexandra Hoefinger
Front End Development
Christopher Wimbrow
Software Engineering
Kim Showell
Social Media


Jeff Frankl
Jeremie Rose Wimbrow

Email us to share ideas and get involved!